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Sun City Lincoln Hills

The Lavender Friends Club is a group of LGBTQ individuals and those in friendship residing
in the beautiful 55+ resort-like community of Sun City Lincoln Hills in Lincoln, California 95648



A message from the Lavender Friends Steering Committee

We respectfully request that our members do not attend Club events unless they are fully vaccinated and have been following CDC suggested guidelines to avoid unnecessary COVID exposure.

Please note that future Club events may require proof of photo ID and Covid vaccinations.

Saturdays Drop-in Bag Lunch

12:00 p.m..
Kilaga Café (outside patio)

Bring your own bag lunch and a beverage and head over to the patio outside Kilaga Café (which remains closed on weekends) and join whoever else shows up for some conversation over lunch. Or just come and visit!

Note: This is a no-host, drop-in meet-up and attendance can vary from nobody to a bustling crowd. So don’ be shy! The other person there could become your new, best Lavender Friend.

Thursdays Coffee and Conversation at Kilaga

10:00 a.m.
Kilaga Café

Bring or buy a beverage and visit with some of your Lavender Friends! Wander over and check it out!

Proof of photo ID and Covid vaccination required

A.C.E. (Activities Committee Extraordinaire) In-Person Meeting

Thursday, June 30
10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
Kilaga Café

Please feel free to join us with your ideas for future club events!

Dueling Dogs Brewery

Friday, July 1
3:30 to 5:00 p.m.
Dueling Dogs Brewery Co.
3030 Barrett Park Lane (off Wise Road)
Located just outside of Lincoln (head east on Wise Road and when you get beyond Crosby Herold Road, start looking for the sign directing you to turn left for Dueling Dogs (it’s just up Barrett Park Lane on the right-hand side).

Raise a glass with us to kick off the 4th of July weekend!

Feel free to bring a snack to accompany your beverage purchase. Guests are Welcome!

Dueling Dogs is the maker of excellent (and unusual) beers, ciders and meads (FYI: Meads aren’t beer or wine — they exist in their own category. Traditionally, mead is fermented with three basic ingredients: honey, yeast, and water.

RSVP: Please email Sandi D. if you are coming, so she can make sure we have enough tables set aside.

Proof of photo ID and Covid vaccination required.

July Club Meetings

Save the Dates!

Please mark your calendars for two Lavender Friends Club meetings in July:

All members are welcome to attend!

Lavender Friends Steering Committee Meeting
Saturday, July 16, 3:00 pm
Orchard Creek Multi-Purpose Room
(Steering Committee will prepare the agenda for the general meeting)

Lavender Friends Bi-Annual General Membership Meeting
Saturday, July 30, 3:00 pm
Orchard Creek Multi-Purpose Room
(A detailed agenda will be emailed a week before the meeting)

Proof of photo ID and Covid vaccination required

Hot August Sundaes
… are on the way!

Save the Date!

Sunday, August 7
6:30 p.m.
Kilaga Springs Placer Room
(kitchen room off left hallway)

UPDATE: Potluck ice cream social: Lavender Friends provides the ice cream, you bring your favorite topping to share!

RSVP: By July 24 to Denise W. and let her know what toppings you are bringing.

And this: Interested in helping with this event? Denise is looking for folks to help set up and/or clean up. She’d love to hear from you.

Please note that members and their guests are welcome to attend. Just let Denise know.

Some fun info: In 16th century Europe, it was called “cream ice,” frozen dessert fit only for a king (literally). The people didn’t get their hands on it for several years. Today, America alone produces 900 pounds of chocolate, vanilla and dozens of other flavors of ice cream every year. Come take a dip!

Proof of photo ID and Covid vaccination required

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Sun Senior News

June 2022

By Sandi Dolbee

Sheila Rose was worried.

“At the time, I didn’t think the newer members were really getting to know the existing members — or vice versa,” remembers Sheila, who was our club’s membership coordinator.

Sheila Rose

So she had an idea to hold a members-only event that combined food with a meet-and-greet. The upshot? Says Sheila unabashedly: “It was a big hit!”

That was several years ago, and since then the mixers have become an anticipated highlight — whether we gathered in the Solarium at Meridians for appetizers or in a room at Kilaga with meatballs and shrimp in a do-it-themselves affair spearheaded by another membership coordinator, Laura Niles.

COVID sidelined our mixers — but this month will mark their return with a special catered BBQ dinner at the Sports Pavilion.

There’s a new membership coordinator, Sara Vega, though the goal remains the same: to help newbies and old-timers get to know each other better. This is particularly important since we have had more than a dozen new members join since our last mixer.

That this return is being held during Pride month is especially fitting. Just as Black History month in February and Women’s History month in March honor the accomplishments of those demographics, Pride month is set aside to pay homage to the LGBTQ communities across America.

In 1999, President Bill Clinton issued the first presidential proclamation for Pride month in June, saying in part: “I encourage all Americans to observe this month with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities that celebrate our diversity, and to remember throughout the year the gay and lesbian Americans whose many and varied contributions have enriched our national life.”

So it goes for the proud members of Lavender Friends, a club formed to represent and support LGBTQ residents here in Lincoln Hills.

Like so many other residents, our members have come from all over the country after enriching careers in the military and education, medicine and engineering, and in many other public and private sectors of our workforce. After settling here, we have participated proudly in our new home as mailbox captains and Neighborhood Watch members, as well as volunteers in the local libraries, food bank, animal shelters, community garden, houses of worship and sports teams.

You might say we live out our Pride in as many ways as the colors on the rainbow flags flown this time of year.

But back to the mixers. When the last bit of veggie burger and pulled pork and chicken is served at this month’s BBQ, Sara’s hopes mirror those of Sheila from years ago: that we all will leave more comfortable in each other’s presence. “To get acquainted and reacquainted,” is how Sara puts it.

About Us

The Lavender Friends Club is a group of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and those in friendship who reside in beautiful Sun City Lincoln Hills, California.

Our primary goal is to create, and sponsor social gatherings and events that will appeal to the broad base of our members who enjoy getting together with others and sharing quality time and their experiences. Equally important is our goal of supporting one another and offering service to our community.

We believe that strong communities begin with solid relationships and our primary purpose is to build a greater sense of community through social interaction, open communication and shared information.

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