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Sun City Lincoln Hills

The Lavender Friends Club is a group of LGBTQ individuals and those in friendship residing
in the beautiful 55+ resort-like community of Sun City Lincoln Hills in Lincoln, California 95648



Members, please check your weekly newsletter for event locations & RSVP details.

A message from the Lavender Friends Steering Committee

We respectfully request that our members do not attend Club events unless they are fully vaccinated and have been following CDC suggested guidelines to avoid unnecessary COVID exposure.

Please note that future Club events may require proof of photo ID and Covid vaccinations.

Holiday Dinner and Dance

Saturday, December 10
5:30 - 9:30 p.m.

Music by Jammin’ Jo Productions

Detailed flyer concerning cost, food, etc. will be distributed in the fall.

An Appetizing New Year!

Saturday, January 21

Put January 21 on your calendar for an evening party of noshes and beverages and fun to celebrate 2023. Details to come!

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Sun Senior News

December 2022

By Sandi Dolbee

Some great things got their start in a garage. Walt Disney launched Disney Studios tinkering with stick figure animations in his uncle’s garage. Steve Jobs and colleagues created Apple in his parents’ garage. And Jeff Bezos’ Amazon empire began by selling books out of a garage.

Ditto for our club’s annual holiday dance, which made its debut in the garage of one of our members on a chilly December evening nearly 20 years ago.

From there, the dance moved to an old schoolhouse, which dance committee member Sharon K. remembers was rather dismal. It was too small, didn’t have not enough heat and the sound system was “lousy.”

About that time, club member Michelle P. took over coordination of the dance. She negotiated with a local clubhouse to use its facility and arranged for a catered prime rib dinner. “We rented a dance floor,” she adds.

How’d it turn out? “It was such a fun event,” she says. “Most of the people there were couples so it was just a fun night to be with your partner.”

The dance has been going strong ever since — in the same venue. Each year, on the second Saturday in December, upwards of a 100 people from throughout the region get blinged up to mingle under the festive lights of the season and dance to music provided by well known Sacramento disc jockey, Jammin’ Jo.

There have been some changes. The clubhouse got its own dance floor, the menu has changed to tri tip and Michelle is no longer in charge, turning it over after a couple years to a dance committee.

Members are reminded to watch their inboxes for the weekly email of upcoming activities — such as the coffee socials on the first Saturday of the month to honor that month’s birthdays.

About Us

The Lavender Friends Club is a group of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and those in friendship who reside in beautiful Sun City Lincoln Hills, California.

Our primary goal is to create, and sponsor social gatherings and events that will appeal to the broad base of our members who enjoy getting together with others and sharing quality time and their experiences. Equally important is our goal of supporting one another and offering service to our community.

We believe that strong communities begin with solid relationships and our primary purpose is to build a greater sense of community through social interaction, open communication and shared information.

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