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The Lavender Friends Club is a group of LGBTQ individuals and those in friendship residing
in the beautiful 55+ resort-like community of Sun City Lincoln Hills in Lincoln, California 95648

Archives - 2011

December 2011

Sun Senior News
by Richard Wong

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. We had 30 members attend the luncheon at Olive Garden. A great time was had by all.

Our December functions include our Christmas Dinner Dance at Turkey Creek and a Holiday Brunch in the home of two members. We will also have our canned food drive for the Salt Mine. Now is the time to decorate our homes for Christmas. I just want to mention a couple of events we held during 2011.

Thanks to Remy, who was our dance instructor for two lessons, starting with a samba line dance routine which was followed by teaching the basics for the night club 2 step. A couple of new dance lessons are in the works for next year.

There was a great turnout for our end of summer picnic at Lake Natoma. The area was shady with lots of trees and grass and was right near the water. We had a beautiful day of conversation, dog walking, and biking. The highlight was the making of smores with gigantic marshmallows and chocolate covered graham crackers. Four members had kayaks, which they shared with others, taking them out on the glass calm water for a tour of the lake. It was a great activity to say good-bye to summer.

If you want more information on our club, check our website: www.lavenderfriends. com. Again, have a happy and safe holiday.

Nobember 2011

Sun Senior News
by Richard Wong

Now that fall is here, the trees are starting to change color and the weather is getting cooler. I guess it’s time to bring out the jackets.

We have two functions for this November, one will be our 2nd Game Night at Claudia’s house; the other, a luncheon at the Olive Garden. Our biggest event of the year will be our Christmas Dinner Dance at Turkey Creek Golf Course.

Some members will be vendors at the Lincoln Hills Holiday Arts & Craft Fair at Orchard Cheek Lodge on November 11th and 12th. Stop by and see what they have painted or crafted.

I for one can’t wait for Thanksgiving as the day after it’s time to decorate our homes for Christmas. If you want more information on our club, check our website: Again, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

October 2011

Sun Senior News
by Richard Wong

About 19 members had a great time at Lake Natoma last week. It was fun to get out of the house and hike, bike and enjoy the fresh air.

Our October potluck will be hosted by Lorena and Vicki. This will be their 3rd year to host an event at their house. Since Lorena’s a fabulous cook, her main dish will be a surprise, again.

Our Lavender Hearts Committee is working on three fundraiser events for the rest of the year. They plan on Bingo Night, Progressive Potluck and Holiday Cookie Exchange. They also plan to have members volunteer for various activities in Lincoln that will include Secret Santa for Seniors Program, Salt Mine Canned Food Drive and KVIE Phone Bank Coverage in Sacramento. They are also working with the Placer County PFLAG organization.

You can find more information on our website: www. Enjoy this fall weather before the heavy jackets come out of the closet.

September 2011

Sun Senior News
by Richard Wong

Can you imagine that we have couple more months before we start to decorate our homes and do holiday shopping. We have been lucky that we’ve had a mild summer this year. This year several members were traveling more and it was nice when they returned to get together for coffee, breakfast, dinner or potlucks and hear about their adventures.

Everyone had a fun time at our “Hot August Night” potluck with 50’s music and attire. Couple of us had to hit the Thrift Store since we couldn’t find where we hid the box of old 50’s clothes. We have a couple of events for September so mark your calendar. September 10th will be “Game Night” at Claudia’s house, September 13th coffee at John’s house and September 28th will be the picnic at Lake Natomas. Still working on having a “Petite Sirah Wine Tasting” event at our house where the members bring a bottle and we do a blind tasting to see which member has the winning bottle.

We have 22 Lincoln Hills Art Association members who will participate in this year’s “Studio Tour”. The event will be held on Saturday September 10th from 10 AM until 4 PM and Sunday September 11th from Noon until 4 PM. Richard Wong will be selling semi-precious stone necklaces and Duane Spurling will have his abstract art so stop by at 219 Surrey Top Lane.

August 2011

Sun Senior News
by Richard Wong

Many Lavender Friends members enjoy playing Water Volleyball on a regular basis.The camaraderie, exercise, fun and skill building is what happens when you are a part of the WVB experience. The WVB runs 4 times a week and they have over 100 people aged from 55 to over 85+ playing on a regular basis. They have mixed groups, teams, tournaments and cross skill play. They host picnics and pot lucks and have a chance to play Volleyball on the grass a few times during the warmer months. They also schedule play at the Wave Lane Pool so that anyone can come and play and/ or cheer for their favorites. Yes, fun play is the main event and exercise and skill building are a bi-product. Play days and times are: M from 5:30 to 6:40 PM for skill building and beginners; M, 6:40 to 8:00 PM, team play; W, from 6:40 to 8:00 PM, Red Ball; TH from 6:40 to 8:00 PM, Red and Blue-White Ball Courts; and Sat. from 9:00 to 10:30 AM, Red Ball. The Red Ball is a lighter ball and the Blue-White Ball is the official Water Volleyball. If you are interested, come and enjoy some of our Lavender Friends and other residents for an hour or so of exercise and fun.

Twenty (20) Lavender Friends members enjoyed the lunch at High Hand Nursery and now we are all looking forward to the “Hot August Night” potluck at Kilaga.

July 2011

Sun Senior News
by Richard Wong

I guess that everyone has been very busy as we went from winter to summer. The Vice President of our club, Herman Osorio is one busy person. He taught high school speech and English for 22 years in San Jose, was an active member of CTA and Political Action Committee chairman for CTA for 8 years. He served on an elementary school district board of trustees for 13 years. Additionally, he was a member of the San Jose Parks and Recreation Commission for 5 years and a member of the local Lions Club for 10 years.

In 2000 he was asked by the mobile home resident’s association in Santa Clara County to serve as their Legislative consultant in Sacramento. Now he is chair of the Legislative Action Committee for the largest mobile home resident association (GSMOL). This committee responds to bills introduced in the state legislature that effect all mobile home residents in California by appearing at state legislative hearings in support or opposition, by issuing legislative alerts to the membership, and by instructing members on how to gain the support of local jurisdictions sympathetic to their issues. I know that he would welcome the opportunity to discuss mobile home/manufactured housing issues with any interested group. The Lavender Friends Club has a variety of talented people who will be featured in future issues.

Our next general business meeting will be on July 8th. Dates have not yet been set for a picnic above the American River near the Aquatic Center at Lake Natoma, a wine tasting trip, nor our Dinner or Lunch event for July.

June 2011

Sun Senior News
by Richard Wong

Since the beginning of this year, we have one member who has been very busy creating new abstract paintings. Duane Spurling first became interested in painting (art) when he arrived from Kansas in 1946 and started school at Arcade Elementary where Mrs. Burke, his art teacher, spread out all that white paper on those big tables and let the kids go at it with water-mixed paint from tin cans. He was enchanted since they didn’t have anything like that in Kansas. So things progressed from there, even to the point these many years later of having a website to show his work. Check out Another Capital Nursery in Sacramento where he worked as a landscape trainee under renowned landscape architect Waldo Scott. That resulted in an education that has allowed him to find employment in this field.

Our second biggest event of the year that members enjoy was our 3rd annual Guy’s Potluck held at the home of Phil and Rich. We had 5 tents spread around the pool and over 40 guest feasted on spareribs, hot dogs, various salads, wine and beer. A good time was had by all.Our next General Business Meeting will be held at Orchard Creek Lodge on July 8th

May 2011

Sun Senior News
by Richard Wong

The April coffee at John’s house and the Sunday brunch at Meridians were pleasant event and good socializing was had by all. Looking forward to the May breakfast social at Patti’s house. The next big event will be the guys June 4th potluck at Phil & Rich’s house where they set up tents around the pool. Of course the guy’s do all the cooking for the group.

Want to share some information on two of the original four people who started the Lavender Friends Club. Sharon and Marie were part of the “Lavender Hills Group”, the precursor to the “Lavender Friends Club” before it became a formalized SCLH club. Sharon serves as Co- Chair of The Community Service Committee (commonly known as the “Lavender Hearts”). Committee members encourage Lavender Friends members to attend local fundraisers to help a variety of non-profit groups, hold fundraising events to provide cash donations to a charitable organization, provide holiday non-cash donations of food and goods to needy residents of Lincoln and volunteer for charitable events serving the needs of local communities.

Marie has served as Chair of The Sunshine Committee. Committee members carry out, or ask volunteers to perform, relevant actions to assist members with medical, emotional or physical needs, in regaining their wellbeing. The actions needed may include: preparing pre-cooked meals, driving to medical appointments, shopping for basic groceries, managing mail and bill paying or taking persons to social events.

April 2011

Sun Senior News
by Richard Wong

Hope everyone has been enjoying this nice spring weather; getting out of the house to work in your garden or just relax, visiting a museum or just shopping. Now that we have nice weather, a couple of members are getting busy on their hobbies and will be entering their crafts in various shows around SCLH.

Jacquie has been interested in drawing and painting since early childhood and began taking oil painting classes here 7 years ago. She has participated in the annual Fine Arts Shows and is currently showing at Lincoln Arts in downtown Lincoln which is honoring our new Lincoln Hills Painters Club. Artists will give 5% of their proceeds from paintings to a downtown charity of their choice.

Richard and Phil finally got their web site up and running: and Richard will be showing his one-of-a-kind jewelry at four events this year. Check his web site for more details.

Speaking of web sites, Richard and Phil want to thank Nancy who did 99.9% of the work to get their site up and running. Besides being Lavender Friends Club web master, she is currently working with 8 different published websites and is in the midst of creating one for Jacquie. If you want more info and assistance in creating your web site, you can contact her at, her email is

We have a couple more artists, as well as people who do volunteer work whom I plan to mention in next month’s article. As you can see, we are a very diverse group of people with a similar perspective on life. Lavender Friends Club celebrated St Pat’s day on Saturday, March 19th at Kilaga. Those who attended were asked to bring a story, a joke or a song. A good time was had by all, although no green beer was had! Want to thank Judy & Jackie who hosted the monthly coffee at their house. Everyone made something to share and good time had by all.

March 2011

Sun Senior News
by Richard Wong

The Lavender Friends Club is starting their second year as a recognized social organization within SCLH. Our annual membership drive has been a great success as we have retained 98% and 13 new people are pending. Want to thank Sharon and Marie for hosting our February breakfast and coffee events to start off our new year. The next four months to host breakfast slots have already been taken. The March coffee will be hosted by Judy and Jackie and the other months are open. So far we have two potlucks planned and more details on our St Patrick’s in March and the Guy’s June Potluck will be coming out shortly. The Dinners out event for April and July slots have been booked, still need September and November. If you want to host a breakfast, coffee or potluck, please let Donna our new Social Activities Chairperson know.

February 2011

Sun Senior News
by Richard Wong

With all the holiday activities over, it’s now time to reflect on the past and how we will move forward in 2011. We need volunteers to host our monthly coffees, breakfasts and potlucks. For those of you who want to host a potluck you can always reserve the Kitchen room at Kilaga. The club will help you with $50.00 to cover food or supplies.

At our General Business meeting in January we presented two outgoing Board Members who have stepped down with Certificates of Appreciation: Sue for her dedication as Treasurer since the formation of our club and Elaine as Secretary to our organization during the past year We encourage their continued guidance as lay members of our club. On the bright side we welcomed new Executive Board members, Robyn as Treasurer and Yvonne as Secretary.

January 2011

Sun Senior News
by Richard Wong

Just want to thank Michelle, Claudia, Jan and Judy who organized our Fifth Annual Holiday Party at Turkey Creek Golf Club. A great time was had by 80 members and guests. The Lavender Hearts committee had a successful food donation drive for the Salt Mine in Lincoln. We also provided two families with a holiday dinner and a $50.00 gift certificate thru Peace for Families of Auburn and Roseville. This organization subsists primarily thru various grants and private donations, providing a safe house for victims of domestic violence, and also provides social support systems, and psychological counseling.

We had another successful brunch at Jacquie and Nancy’s house in December. When Lavender Friends became a club in SCLH we nominated four members to the Executive Board. Thanks to Phil, Herman, Sue, and Elaine for their services over the past year. Thanks, also, to Phil, Herman, Robyn and Yvonne who have agreed to serve on our new Executive Board effective January 2011. Per our Executive Board Meeting on October 15, 2010 the annual dues of $5.00 per member are due by January 31, 2011. Now that the holidays are over, we look forward to a very productive new year in our community and surrounding area.

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