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The Lavender Friends Club is a group of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender
and those in friendship who reside in beautiful Sun City Lincoln Hills, California


Sun Senior News Article

September 2019

By Sandi Dolbee

This is the tale of two anniversaries. The first is one you probably already have heard about – the 20th anniversary of Lincoln Hills. The other one is a little less known: our club turns 15 years old in 2020.

Our group, comprised of LGBT residents and their allies, began informally in 2005 and was called the Lavender Hills Club. Members met in people’s homes and backyards. By 2008, we outgrew private homes and began seeking other facilities for events. That same year, we applied to the homeowner’s association to become an official club. We had to change our name because, as it turns out, there was a street here named Lavender Hills (the name Lavender Friends was picked through a contest among members).

Darlene Barbieri (left) and Deborah Turnor check out our club’s gift card at the anniversary launch party.

Meanwhile, back to the Lincoln Hills 20th anniversary, one club member had the idea that we should donate a raffle gift for the launch party, which was held in August at the Orchard Creek outdoor pool area. President Joan Lacktis loved the idea and quickly got approval from the Steering Committee to donate a $50 SCLHCA gift card.

“It is an important event to our community and we are part of this community – we show up,” Joan explained (indeed, several Lavender Friends were at the launch party). She added: “I want Lavender Friends to be a visible presence in this community.”

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